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Career Development


GSP emphasizes pragmatic learning methods and internships, which provide a great opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to gain exposure to professional opportunities. Through internships, students are able to integrate and use their knowledge from classes, develop further competence through intensive field experience under educational supervision, and become better acquainted with the various work places and setting in which they expect to be employed. Therefore, GSP places particular emphasis on internship and especially on international experience.Read More ¡·


The collaborative effort by the university, professors and students make internship placements successful. Kyung Hee University and GSP also offer respective placement programs such as the Neo-Renaissance UN/INGO Internship Program and the GSP-Washington Center internship. Overseas internships are largely promoted via the GSP-MKE-KISS global network.


Students can earn three (3) credits for a successfully completed overseas internship that lasts for eight (8) weeks, and six (6) credits for an internship of up to 16 weeks or more. To earn these credits, the student must be enrolled as a fulltime student at GSP and submit one research paper on a topic related to the internship for 3 credits or two research papers for 6 credits. Students should submit all of the required documents within 10 weeks after the completion of the internship.

Financial Aid

GSP provides generous financial aid to students who are participating in overseas internships. This financial aid ranges from 80% of the airfare to a maximum of 3 million won and is only available for students undertaking overseas internships (outside their home country). In order to benefit from this internship opportunity, students must apply for financial aid in advance before undertaking an internship. Additionally, students are only eligible for the financial assistance if they engage in internships while they are officially enrolled at GSP. Students should submit all of the required documents within five (5) weeks upon completion of internship.