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Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements vary according the student's field of study and department. Students should be well conversant with the graduation requirements for their respective departments. Those who are not certain about the requirements for their major should seek clarification from their department head before their final semester.
Graduation Requirements
Minimum Credit Requirement per Category GPA GraduationExam Other
Total Credits Major Required Credits Major Elective Credits General Elective Credits Thesis, Action Plan, Dissertation
M.A IT & EC, IB,
45 12 12 21 Optional
(3 credits)
N.A. Not Applicable
MKE 42 30 9 - 3 Not Applicable
MIT 42 27 12 - 3 Not Applicable
MIDAC 36 24 12 - - Not Applicable
Ph.D. 42 15 21 - 6 B-
Pass English score not applicable; publication in an accredited academic journal required
Notes:If students in IT&EC, IB and IDC earn more than 12 credits from major electives, the additional credits will be counted as general electives.

Graduation Requirements for the Master's Degree Program

In addition to fulfilling the mandatory the course requirements, M.A students must meet the conditions below to qualify for graduation.

  • Must register at GSP for at least four (4) semesters unless they register for the early graduation program, the dual-degree program or the exchange program. Those who study abroad in the exchange program should register for at least three (3) semesters at GSP.
  • A GPA of 2.7 or above at the time of graduation is a mandatory requirement.

Graduation Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree Program

In addition to fulfilling the minimum course requirements, all Ph.D. candidates must meet the conditions below in order to qualify for graduation.

  • Attain a passing grade on the Comprehensive Major Exams
  • Pass the dissertation defense.
  • Publish at least one paper in a journal listed on the SSCI, SCOPUS, Korea Citation Index (KCI), or journal candidates for the KCI.
  • A GPA of 2.7 or above at the time of graduation is a mandatory requirement.

Early Graduation Requirements

M.A students can graduate within three regular academic semesters. Those who are interested must submit an application for early graduation in the first week of their third semester only if they fulfill the requirements below:

  • Students must maintain a GPA of 3.7 or higher upon application and completion of the third semester.
  • Students must earn 45 credits within 3 semesters.
  • Students should have at least 36 credits from GSP coursework out of total 45 credits required for graduation.