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Master's Program

Korean Ministry of Environment - GSP scholarship program
Master¡¯s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy (MGLEP)

Goals of MGLEP

Master¡¯s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy(MGLEP) is a newly added master¡¯s program of GSP funded by the Korean Ministry of Environment (KME) and designed to support government officials from South Korea¡¯s partnering countries to become key personnel who have the capacity to lead sustainable economic and social development through transfer of Korea¡¯s know-how and experiences in environmental improvement. Read More ¡·

MGLEP Course List

Courses List
Major Required Major Electives
  • Environmental Economics
  • Korea¡¯s Environmental Policy
  • Climate Change and Energy Policy
  • Waste and Air Pollution Management
  • Seminar in Environmental Policy
  • Water Environment and Resource Management
  • Workshop on Thesis Writing
  • Environment and International Security
  • Theory and Practices in Environmental Policy
  • Environmental and Social Policies in Developing Countries
  • Evaluation and Management of Environmental Risk
  • Environmental Law and Legislation
  • Environment and International Negotiation
  • Understanding Sustainable Development
  • Understanding Korean Industries and Environment
  • Understanding International Development Cooperation

(subject to minor change)

Information on Application

This scholarship program is offered for government officials working at environment-related ministries or public institutions in developing countries. Those who are interested in this program can apply to their ministry of environment or the equivalent, or visit the NIEHRD homepage (http://ehrd.me.go.kr/kor/index.do) for more information.

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