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[GSP]Additional Enrollment for Thesis Writing 연구등록

Among candidates for graduation, if you want to extend semester for thesis writing

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Re-announcement [GSP] Application for English Subs

영어대체시험 일정이 변경되었사오니, 아래 공지사항을 확인하여 주시기 바랍니다.Application for English Graduation Examination Stude...

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2021학년도 2학기 휴·복학 신청 기간 및 안내사항

    국제 2021학년도 2학기 휴·복학 시행 안내   1. 신청기간 복학 신청 7월13일(화) - 7월23일(금) ...

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Academic Calendarmore
  • July 13~ 23
    [GSP] Application for Return to school
  • July 19~ 23
    [GSP] Graduation Assessment
  • July 31
    [GSP] Substitute English Exam for Graduation